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You won't have to worry about running out of room in our 3000 ft² sound stage with a pre-lit 30' x 40' x 14' cyclorama wall, a full 16’ high full-lighting pipe grid, and green or white paint options (all included in the price).

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floor plan of rise motion pictures studio


We're more than just an empty warehouse

Rise Motion Pictures Studio is a 5300 ft² building complete with a full 3000 ft² sound stage, a green screen or white cyclorama wall, dressing and make-up rooms, kitchen, offices, and more! Rent the Sun Valley space for filming, photography, and production.



View Prices

Want to rent the studio? Check out our prices. Every rental includes all the support rooms, power, parking, wifi, air conditioning, and site rep-free.


Soft Reserve/Book

Contact us to book our studio! Need time to make a solid decision? We can soft reserve your dates instead. If someone else needs those days, we'll call you first to see if you'd like to release the hold.


Get Inspired

Curious how the space has been used? View our past productions for inspiration. We also offer production services if you need them for your project.

Sound Stage Perks

  • 3000 ft² stage

  • 30'x40'x14' pre-lit, 2-wall Cyclorama

  • Cyc wall can be green or white

  • 16' lighting grid

  • Elephant doors for drive-in access

  • 2 restrooms

  • Private parking

  • Free Wifi & Fiber Ethernet

  • Air Conditioning

  • Power

What Makes Us Different

  • Professional

  • Conveniently located

  • Perfect for mid-range projects (not too big, not too small)

  • Easy to book

  • Thought out support rooms

  • Ideal for music videos, commercials, interviews, YouTube content, short films, and more!

Cost Benefits

No Hidden Fees

All amenities are included in the studio rental price.

Your team will have everything they need to be productive, comfortable and confident to help you reach your production goals.


lighting grid of rise motion pictures studios


Pre-lit at no extra cost

Above our 30’ by 40’ by 14' high cyclorama is our 16’ high full-lighting pipe grid. The cyclorama is also pre-lit with 10x LED retrofitted Tungsten Mole Richardson Cyc light fixtures, 5x Tungsten 4x4 Kino Flos, and 2x LED retrofitted Tungsten Spacelights. 


To load in your sets, gear, wardrobes, and more, our sound stage is easily accessed through 14’ high, sound-proofed elephant doors. 


Email, call us at (916) 224-2242, or submit your questions through our online form.


Rent the studio your team deserves! All support rooms (green room, kitchen, production office, and more) are included when you rent our sound stage.

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Missing some equipment? We have loads of gear to rent on site. We'll also sub-rent anything we don't have for you!

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With fiber optic internet, lightning fast upload speeds, and ethernet ports in every room, the possibilities are endless.

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white cyclorama wall at rise motion pictures studio

White Paint

green cyclorama wall at rise motion pictures studio

Green Paint


Our 30' x 40' x 14' cyclorama wall can transform into either a green or white cyclorama depending on your color needs. Repainting the cyclorama is included in the rental price, so don’t fear any unknown fees. 

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