Frequently Asked Questions

Los Angeles Production Studio Rental FAQ

What are your prices?

They vary. Different productions have different needs, and I like to help out the indie projects
when I can. So, hit me up and we can talk budget.
Click here to contact me about pricing

What are the amenities that come included with the facility?

  • The kitchen has a microwave, coffee maker, toaster and refridgerator.
  • There are (4x) 6’ folding tables and (40x) folding chairs for your use.
  • (3x) wardrobe racks in the wardrobe room and a previous production left a steamer which you are welcome to use, but we are not responsible for troubleshooting any problems it may have.
  • There is a printer in the production office, same situation as the steamer.
  • There’s (3x) 6’x8’ digi-green soft flats behind the cyclorama with (5x) jacks you can also use.
  • 12’, 8’, and 4’ ladders and a rolling scaffold you can use to hang lights, etc.
  • The televisions in the Private Dressing room and Green Room are wired to use as monitors if you plug your video out into the HDMI jack on the stage.
To learn more about the different aspects of the studio, click the links below: White CYC Wall Green Screen Sound Stage Rental

What are your extra fees?

Gear is separate and I charge $150/hour for Overtime. That’s it. I like to keep things simple for everyone. Unless you have an unusual special request.

Does the Grip/lighting equipment come with the rental?

No, the prices are listed on the equipment page. Click here to view lighting equipment pricing Click here to view camera pricing

Can we bring in our own gear?

Yep! You can bring your own gear. I keep the equipment room locked, but if you need anything on the day it'll be there.

What if you don’t have the gear I want?

I can sub-rent whatever you need. Just give me a list and I’ll make it happen. You can click the link below to message me the details: Click here to message me

Is it sound proof?

Yes. You will get excellent sound.
If you have any other questions, message me by clicking here.

What about A/C?

It’s included in the price of the rental. There’s 2 5-ton units with separate thermostats for the Support rooms and the stage. You can set the thermostats yourselves to whatever temperature you like. If you have any questions about the setup, don't be shy. Click here to message me.

What’s the power situation? Do you charge extra?

I don’t charge extra for power. There’s 320a of power provided by (6x) 20a Edison circuits and (2x) 100a Bates paddles coming out of the panel. I also ran a 6-circuit Socapex cable in the grid (labeled B) that runs back to the panel to plug in wherever you want. Contact me to check for rental availability.

How much is your site-rep fee?

Nothing. Included in the rental.

Is there WiFi?

Yes. 1G download speed. Network and password are displayed on several walls in the facility for your convinience.

Is there a pipe grid?

Yes. It spans the whole stage and sits at 16 feet from the floor.

Is the cyc Pre-lit?

Yes. There’s (10x) LED retrofitted Tungsten Mole Richardson Cyc light fixtures, (5x) Tungsten 4x4 Kino Flos, and (2x) LED retrofitted Tungsten Spacelights. You can see some pics of the cyc here: CYC Studio Gallery

What color is the cyc?

Sometimes it’s white. Sometimes it’s green. Whatever you need. If you need a specific custom color, as long as it’s not black, that’s fine. I’ll charge to paint it and you provide the paint. It’s about 5 gallons to paint the whole thing. If you absolutely MUST have it black and you don’t want to hang black out cloth from the grid, I’ll paint it for double the fee because it takes twice as many coats. If you don't need the cyc at all, message me. I will discount your rental.

Do you do half days? Do you do hourly?

Unfortunately, no. If you take that day’s availability, I can’t rent it to anyone else. There’s too much cost and work involved in renting the day out to a production to justify securing the whole day for a partial rental. Click here to message me about rental availability.

Is there a discount on prep/strike days?

No, Sorry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re filming, or prepping, or striking, or staging or just holding the days in between shoot days, I still can’t rent it out to anyone else.

Is it cheaper if I don’t need the support rooms?

Nope. If you rent the stage, you get the whole facility.

Can we move the furniture?

Sure. Just make sure it’s all returned to where it was when you arrived. The built-in furniture will have to stay, though.

Is there a scissor lift?

Yes. Use of the scissor lift is included in the rental.

Do you have crew?

We can give you contacts of crew members in our list. They will be on your payroll, and your responsibility. We'll take a small referral fee of 10% of their rate. If you want us to crew your whole production and organize legistics, we can do that too. Our production services rate is 20% of the services provided. Rise Motion Pictures Productions has been producing content since 2009. Check out our productions page here.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

All Covid-19 precautions, procedures and safety measures for your production are the sole responsibility of you and your crew. Your production is required to uphold all state and local guidelines pertaining to COVID-19. Rise Motion Pictures Studio staff will be in the private office for the duration of the shoot and when necessary to be amongst your crew, we will be masked and practice social distancing. If you would like any extra sterilization/disinfection of the building I can provide you with the information of a service to hire directly, or charge you to hire them myself. RMPS is not responsible for the health and safety of your production.